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Super Power Stretch Film

Super Power Stretch film is the perfect method for high volume windings, where winding speed and consistency are required. Protects against damage from dirt and excessive movement.

Jumbo Stretch Film

Catering to specific industrial demand, our Jumbo rolls are much longer than regular machine stretch films but it can be easily unwound using a high-speed rewinding machine.Jumbo stretch film suitable for warping and packaging health care products, cosmetics, daily necessities. High transparency, good gloss, high water vapor barrier properties, excellent heat sealing and packaging flatness, suitable for high-speed packaging, can prevent dust, moisture, oil to improve product quality, increase product value, ensure the packing products put a long time and not easy to deformation.The film comes in a different thickness range from 11 to 50 micron with excellent quality to meet specific customer requirements.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch films used for conventional automatic fast wrapping and semi-automatic pallet wrapping.Machine film is not suitable for manual packaging. The advantage is the high stretch of the film and good protection of the goods against weather conditions such as rain, sun or frost, and mechanical type dirt and damage. Machine stretch film is increasingly being used in factories and companies involved in the distribution, especially for economic reasons. Film stretchability can range up to 250% on automatic pallet wrapping machines with low noises while reducing material cost and film waste.

Pre Stretch Film

Due to its reinforced edges, its load-carrying capacity and resistance to tears are much higher than ordinary films. It provides a firm grip and does not stretch compared to normal stretch films.Pre-Stretch Film also referred to as converted film, is a film that is already stretched before wrapping a load.

Manual Stretch Film

One Plus Manuel Stretch Film provides flexibility in packing and securing loose items. With a length of between 300m and 500m and four different widths of 250mm, 300mm, 450mm, and 500 mm, this light-weight stretch film.Manual Stretch Film, applied by hand or dispenser for palletized goods.

Food Stretch Film

Food stretch film is a film with unique strength, thinness, density confirmation transparency, and gloss. It also has flexible packaging purposes and a sufficient barrier to moisture and gas, which is able to protect the nutritional properties of the food until final consumption.The film comes in different thicknesses, widths, and lengths to meet specific customer requirements.

Stretch Film

OnePlus offers you a wide group of stretch film wrap, ready for shipping at factory prices: Pallet (machine and manual), and food stretch film.